What is a computer program?

Software is the machine commands used to develop tasks or availability of electronic devices designed to perform different and various tasks to be able to communicate and compliance with each other.

The software is the name given to all of the programs that enable electronic devices to do a particular job. In other words it is the unity of meaningful expressions created by using computer language to be enable to solve a current problem.

A computer program is a set of computer instructions arranged in a manner that allows a computer system to perform a specific procedure or task, and preparatory work to ensure the formation and development of this sequence of instructions.

How to protect?

The codes and databases that form the computer programs are accepted as works within the scope of Intellectual and Artistic Works (FSEK) and protected by the Law of Intellectual and Artistic Works No.5846 dated 5/12/1951.Protection procedures are carried out by the Directorate General of Copyright.

According to the Industrial Property Rights Act, computer programs and databases codes cannot be protected by patents. However, provided that the patentability criteria (novelty, invention step, industrial applicability) are provided, program algorithms other than program codes can be patent protected as a method.

Protection can only be achieved through registration.

Computer programs and database codes registration procedures are carried out by Anadolu Patent.
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