What is Geographical Sign?

A geographical sign is an indication showing the product identified with a specific characteristics, fame or other features  the area, area, region or country which it originated in terms of its distinctive character, reputation or other characteristics.

Geographical signs has two registration types;

  • Designation of origin
  • Geographical indication

Designation of origin: These are the names defining products realized originating from a region or area having its geographical boundaries set or in exceptional circumstances from a country, having its all or essential characteristics from natural and humanitarian aspects specific to this geographical area and its production, process and all of its other processes realized within the boundaries of this geographical area.

Geographical indication: They are the names that identify products made within the boundaries of the geographical area where at least one of the production, processing and other operations originating from a specified geographical region, region or country, identified with that geographical area in terms of its distinctive character, reputation or other characteristics.

Names that are not covered by the Designation of origin or Geographical indication and which have been traditionally used for a period of at least thirty years to describe a product in the relevant market are defined as traditional product names in which case they provide at least one of the following conditions:

  1. Originating from traditional production or processing methods or traditional combination.
  2. To be produced by traditional raw materials or materials.

Advantages of registration?

By geographical sign registry the following are ensured;

  • Protecting the quality of the geographical sign registered products and ensuring production in a certain standard,
  • Those producing in the region as subject matter of geographical sign to take advantage of protection provided by the registration with priority,
  • The prevention of confusing with the products produced in other regions,
  • Products can be easily promoted both at home and abroad.

The competent authority for the registration of Geographical Signs and Traditional Products in our country is the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TÜRKPATENT).

Protection can only be achieved through registration.

Documents required by Anadolu Patent to file an application of Geographical Sign or Traditional Products in Turkey:

  • Application form,
  • Written opinions from institutions that are expert of the subject,
  • information and documents evidencing that the product conform to the respective definition of the geographical sign, (such as newspaper, research articles, etc),
  • inspection structure information,
  • written commitment of geographical sign,
  • Power of Attorney (not legalized)

You may find sample documents in Document Library page.

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