What is Integrated Circuit Topographies?

Integrated circuit, refers to a product in the intermediate or final form, with at least one active component designed to perform an electronic function, such as an electronic function, or some part of the interconnects or all of which are assembled in and / or on a piece of material.

Integrated Circuit Topography is a sequence of images prepared for production and fixed in any format, showing the three-dimensional arrangement of the layers forming the integrated circuit andeach image is expressed as the appearance of the whole or a part of the surface at any stage of the production of the integrated circuit.

The competent authority for the registration of Integrated Circuit Topographies in our country is the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TÜRKPATENT for short).

Advantages of Registration?

An Integrated Circuit Topographer has the authority to prevent the following acts from being made without his permission:

a) Incorporation of all or part of the protected Integrated Circuit Topography into an Integrated Circuit or its reproduction by any means out of that as excluding the reproduction of the parts not bearing conditions of being original.
b) The import, sale or distribution of a protected Integrated Circuit Topography for commercial purposes including an Integrated Circuit with protected Integrated Circuit Topography, or a product containing an illegally reproduced Integrated Circuit Topography.

Protection can only be achieved through registration.

Documents required by Anadolu Patent to file an application of Integrated Circuit Topographies in Turkey:

  • Application form,
  • Copy or net drawings of the Integrated Circuit Topography, including information describing the electronic functions performed by the Integrated Circuit,
  • Brief summary of Integrated Circuit Topography,
  • If the application is made on behalf of a legal entity, signature circulars,
  • Power of Attorney (not legalized)

You may find sample documents in Document Library page.

The Integrated Circuit Topographies of the original nature shall be protected by the registration certificate provided that the conditions specified in the Law and the Regulations are fulfilled and the fee stated in the Communique is paid.Protection; is not applied to content, transaction process, system, techniques or information stabilized, Topography other than the topography on its own. Utilizing this protection does not depend on whether or not the integrated Device, which has an Integrated Circuit Topography protected under its structure, is used in any product.
The date on which the protection provided to Integrated Circuit Topography is the launching date specified or in cases when there is no market launch in commercial aspects is the date when the application is made save that Integrated Circuit Topography to have been applied for within two years by the date when it is launched to market for the first time both in home and in abroad in commercial terms.

It is ten years from the start date, which ends at the end of the tenth calendar year.

If the Integrated Circuit Topographical is not used commercially and the application for registration to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Authority has not been applied within fifteen years from the date of its design, the right to protection of the Integrated Circuit Topography cannot be demanded excluding the circumstance requiring confidentiality.

In order to be able to preserve your rights, changes in the title, type and address of the integrated circuit topographer’s owner, right ownership changes on integrated circuit topography via transfer, license, merger, pledge or inheritance and transactions such as attachment and pledge need to be registered before Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

Notarized contracts must be submitted for transfer and licensing transactions.

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