What is the purpose of Investment Incentive System?

In line with the 2023 vision of Turkey and the new investment incentive program, development plans and targets set out in the annual programs, which are of great importance in terms of production and export oriented growth strategy, aims to realize following objectives;

•    Directing savings to high added value investments,
•    Increasing production and employment,
•    To encourage strategic investments with high-scale investments that will increase international competitiveness and research and development content,
•    To increase international direct investments,
•    To reduce regional development disparities,
•    Encouraging investments for clustering and environmental protection.

What is Investment Incentive Certificate?

An incentive certificate is a document prepared for the investments to be carried out in accordance with the purposes of the Decision, including the characteristic values of the investment, providing the possibility of benefiting from the registered support elements in case the investment is realized in accordance with these values and the determined conditions.

How can I get Investment Incentive Certificate?

  • We inform your company before the investment, we help you make the right decision by giving detailed information about investment choice, investment types, interests and responsibilities.
  • We will prepare your application documents and complete your application by requesting from your company the information about your needs for the imported and domestic machinery to be purchased, your investment location and the amount of investment to be made. (The Environmental Impact Assessment required to obtain an Investment Incentive Certificate is not covered.Please ask for detailed information from our experts about Environmental Impact Assessment Positive Decision or Environmental Impact Assessment Not Required Decision.)
  • We submit your application file to the relevant institution, we finalize the process within the shortest time and we forward your Investment Incentive Certificate to you.
  • If you want to change the prices, quantities, models of the goods in the course of the use of your certificate, we perform the necessary procedures from the relevant institution in a short time.
  • We remind you of your reporting obligations at any stage in the process of using your certificate, we perform your transactions before the Ministry.
  • We receive realization information from your company by the finalization of your investment, check the investment situation, inform you about the qualification of the realization and we close your certificate if there is no problem and initiate “Completion Visa” procedures.
  • We ensure closure of your certificate by organizing expertise programs to be established by Ministry’s Experts for “Completion Visa”.

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