What is new Plant Varieties?

The new plant varieties is defined as plant varieties that are determined to be new, different, uniform, and settled.

What is the protection period?

The new plant varieties that are developed are protected by the application for the Protection of Breeders’ Rights.The protection period from registration of breeder right is 25 years. This time is 30 years for trees, vines and potatoes.

How to protect?

In our country, new plant species are protected by Law No. 5042 on Protection of Breeders’ Rights of New Plant Varieties. According to this law, which regulates and protects all plant species, protection is provided by the “Breeder’s Certificate” issued by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. The aim here is to develop the plant varieties, to cultivate new plant varieties and to protect them and to transfer them to next centuries.

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