A contract has to be made for the purchases made via the Internet in accordance with the “Regulation on the Procedures and Principles for the Application of Distance Contracts” published in the Official Gazette dated 13.06.2003 and numbered 25137. Below is the sales contract, which is presented to your information at the last stage of shopping. The information between the signs {} is determined by our customer’s information, payment and shopping pattern.


1.1. SELLER:


Address: Mebusevleri Mah. Anıt Caddesi 8/13 Tandoğan, 06570, Çankaya, Ankara, Turkey

Customer Services: +90850 290 85 85

Telephone: +90312 212 73 20 (pbx)

Fax: +90312 212 73 44


1.2. BUYER:

Under the terms of this contract, the BUYER is the person placing an order or paying on website. The address and contact information used by the BUYER as a member or when placing an order shall be taken as basis.


2.1. This subject of this contract is to set the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the Regulation on Law on Protection of Consumers numbered 6502 and Regulation on Distance Contracts Application Basis and Procedures in reference to the sales and delivery of the products/services having their sales prices specified ordered by the BUYER from the web site owned by the SELLER bearing the characteristics specified in the Contract.

2.2. The provisions of this contract are subject to the Turkish Commercial Code, the Law of Obligations and the general provisions not enumerated hereunder which are valid for commercial transactions and the Consumer Law and related regulations do not apply because the parties to the law on consumer protection are traders and tradesmen.

2.3. BUYER hereby accepts and declares that it has the information about the basic qualifications of the products / services subject to sale, the sales price, the payment method, the delivery conditions etc., all the preliminary information about the subject product in the sale and the right of withdrawal, you have confirmed these preliminary information and the contract in electronic environment and thereafter he/she has placed the order.

2.4. The “Distance Sales Contract” at and the invoice issued by the BUYER and the delivery order, if any, are integral parts of this contract.

2.5. This contract becomes effective after the BUYER has given the necessary confirmation in electronic form for the product order and effecting the payment.


3.1. Product Information:

Product/Service Name: { }
Payment Method: Credit Card { }
Amount Paid: { }
Cargo Definition: { }


4.1. ALICI hereby declares that the types, amounts, brand/model, sales price, payment method, ship-to-party, delivery address, invoice details of the product/products purchased in electronic environment in internet site are identical to the information written on the section where the BUYER placed the order and he/she has read and informed about the preliminary information and given the required confirmation in electronic environment. The person to be billed and the person who makes the contract have to be the same. BUYER agrees to bear in full any liability that may arise from such damages in cases where such information is not correct or deficient.

4.2. The product / service for which the BUYER has requested the delivery shall be delivered via courier company’s officer to the address fixed by the BUYER and notified to the SELLER before the payment.

4.3. The products / services paid by the BUYER in full and without deficiencies will be delivered to the BUYER after the completion of the payment, not exceeding the statutory 30 day period with the deadline stated above. However, the SELLER cannot be held responsible for products that cannot be delivered within the due period due to reasons such as the products that are ordered are not in stock or the BUYER changes the delivery address.

4.4. The SELLER is not obliged to verify and check the delivery addresses given by the BUYER. The BUYER is responsible for the delivery made to the address specified by the BUYER and delivery made to the Third Person / Institutions shall not be interpreted as meaning that the periods specified in this contract are extended and the product is not delivered and it does not remove the responsibilities of the BUYER from the contract.

4.5. The SELLER reserves the right to stop the order when it is deemed necessary that the information given by the BUYER does not match the facts. SELLER in cases when it detects a problem for the order and when it fails to reach to BUYER from telephone, electronic mail and postal address it has right to suspend execution of the order for a period of 15 (fifteen) days. The BUYER is expected to communicate with the SELLER during this period about the issue. If no reply is received from the BUYER within this period, the SELLER has the right to cancel the order so that both parties are not damaged.


5.1. Cash price of the product is included in the invoice. If a forward sale is conducted, its price in accordance with the maturity date is included in the invoice.

5.2. The BUYER undertakes to pay the shipping costs fully and completely to the SELLER account if the payment for the services to be paid by the BUYER is not agreed otherwise. The PURCHASER can make payments by credit cards and debit cards. After approval of the payment, it is processed through the Pos of the relevant bank card.

5.3. BUYER shall, unless otherwise stated, also pay the courier price of which is determined at the time of purchase to the SELLER. The SELLER has the right to request extra shipping charges in non-standard sizes or weighted shipments or shipments to settlements outside the cargo / transport area.

5.4. BUYER is responsible to the bank under the provisions of Article 6.

5.5. If the bank or the financial institution not pays the price of the product to the SELLER after the delivery of the product and the reason that the credit card belonging to the BUYER is used unauthorizedly or unlawfully by the unauthorized persons with a reason not to be attributed to the BUYER, It is obligatory for the BUYER to send the goods / service delivered to him / her to the SELLER within 10 (ten) days.


6.1. Due to the fact that forward sales are made only with bank credit cards, the BUYER hereby accepts, declares and undertakes it will also confirm the related interest rates and the information about the default interest on the bank and that the provisions related to interest and default interest will be applied within the scope of the credit card agreement between the bank and the BUYER.

6.2. In installments, the relevant provisions of the contract signed between the BUYER and the cardholder bank shall apply. The date of payment of the credit card is determined by the agreement between the bank and the BUYER. The BUYER may also follow the installment number and payments from the bank statement.


7.1. If the BUYER is entitled to withdrawal or if the product / service subject to the order cannot be procured for various reasons, or if the arbitration committee decides for money return to consumers, if the shopping is made with credit card and/or in installment the credit card refund procedure is as follows:

7.1.1. In case if the product/service sold processed with credit card and with maturity date payment return shall be made in proportional to the number of installments. After the SELLER pays the whole product amount to the bank in a lump, in case of returning to credit card installment expenditures made by bank Pos, amount for return in order not for the parties to get damaged shall be transferred by the bank to the account of the correspondents in installments. If the installment amounts that the customer pays until the sale is canceled and the return date does not correspond with the account cut-off date The monthly installment amount for the relevant card account will be reflected as a refund each month. The installments that the customer pays up before the customer returns will be credited up to the installment amount that he / she paid in advance before the total number of installments have expired and will have deducted from his/her current debts.

7.1.2. In the case of the goods and services purchased by the card intended to be returned, the SELLER shall not be able to make payment by cash in accordance with the contract with the banks. Since member enterprise that is SELLER is obliged to pay the bank cash or deduct the fee transfer via the related software in the case of a refund transaction, the customer cannot be paid in cash in accordance with the procedure described above. Refund to the credit card shall be made in accordance with the following procedure by the bank after the in a lump payment of the amount by the SELLER to the relevant bank.

7.1.3. You can call us on +90850 290 85 85 or email by e-mail with the subject “CANCELING ORDER” by the end of the day you pay for your order cancellations. The information you give us should not be different from the information on the order records. Cancellations cannot be made for orders not delivered within the same day and / or delivered to cargo. Return procedure shall be applied.


8.1. In order for the BUYER to benefit from right of withdrawal; it is necessary that the sales made is based on a sales agreement in the scope of Law on Protection of the Consumers numbered 6502; and also needs to realize the return procedure within 14 (fourteen) days period without showing any justification or without any damages together with the box, package and standard accessories if any.

8.2. It is obligatory to make notification to SELLER via fax (0312 212 73 44), e-mail ( or telephone (0850 290 85 85), not to ever have made an official application and the product should not be used in line with the provisions specified under Article 4 in order to be able to use the right of withdrawal.

8.3. In case if this right is used, it is obligatory to return courier delivery receipt and original copy proving that the product has been shipped to the SELLER or to any 3rd person. If the product you wish to return is on behalf of the company, the return must be accompanied by a return invoice, which is issued by your company.

8.4. Within 14 (fourteen) days from the receipt of these documents, the product amount will be returned to the BUYER. If the original invoice is not sent, VAT and other legal obligations cannot be refunded. Shipping cost of the product return for right of withdrawal shall be born by the SELLER.

8.5. The duration of the reflection of refunds made to credit cards is the savings of the relevant bank.

8.6. If there is a reduction in the value of the goods due to a fault of the BUYER or if the return becomes impossible, the BUYER is obliged to compensate the SELLER for the damage at the rate of the defect.


Following the written approval of the BUYER, the right of withdrawal on the basis of access to the institutional system by the official application to be made to the institutions such as Turkish Patent and Trademark Office etc, right of withdrawal cannot be used and no refunding is made.


10.1. SELLER uses Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş. 3D virtual POS Joint Payment infrastructure as payment infrastructure in internet site.

10.2. Credit card information is not absolutely stored by the SELLER. Credit card information is only used to securely transmit the bill to the bank during the collection process and is deleted from the system after provisioning.

10.3. Information those specified in this agreement by BUYER and information those informed to the SELLER are not to be shared to third parties and kept confidential. The SELLER may only disclose this information within the framework of the existence of an administrative / statutory obligation. In the case of any kind of forensic investigation that has been documented, the SELLER may provide the relevant authority if he / she holds the required information.

10.4. The e-mail address, mailing address and telephone information of the BUYER are used only by the SELLER for standard product delivery and information procedures. In some periods, campaign information, information about new products, promotional information may be sent to the BUYER after approval.

10.5. The BUYER is responsible for sharing credit card information, bank and account information and their passwords with third parties, SELLER does not accept any responsibility.

10.6. PARTIES declare and undertake that they are obliged not to share the trade secrets they acquire about each other with third parties according to this contract, and that they are responsible for the damages that will be born.

10.7. BUYER by signing this contract accepts, declares and undertakes to have accepted confidentiality agreement given in SELLER’s internet site.

10.8. Provisioning is a blocking transaction where a deposit is placed in a 0-1 TL range on a credit card. This process ends by the provision amount to be refunded to the cards within 10 days by the client learning and approving the provision amount.

10.9. This process does not appear in the credit card account summary of the cardholder and does not reflect the in-term expenditures but reduces the card limit.

10.10. Customer is required to quarry this provision amount by calling customer services of its bank or in form of “Open Provision Amount” by using Internet banking and need to acknowledge the amount to learn to the SELLER in addition to the order information.

10.11. This application is made by SELLER to verify the security of your credit card through the bank.


11.1. Causes not attributable to the seller, such as general mobilization, strike, earthquake, flood, failures/cuts those may occur for the seller’s accommodation, logistic, transportation and database will be considered as force meajure. In such a case, the SELLER may refrain from compensation without making compensation by paying the price paid unilaterally for the actions for which it was charged under this contract.

11.2. In case the cause of the force meajure exceeds 20 days, the PURCHASER has the right to demand the return of the price by terminating the contract.


12.1. The SELLER has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally and without compensation if the ordered product / service does not available in stock, the BUYER fails to fulfill its payment obligations and the BUYER fails to deliver the products to the address specified in this contract. In this case SELLER if payment has been made by the BUYER shall return the product amount to the BUYER.

12.2. If the Contract is terminated due to the defect attributable to the BUYER delivery costs shall belong to the BUYER.

12.3. The BUYER will request the SELLER to fulfill its obligations within 7 (seven) days by making a notification if the SELLER does not fulfill its obligations arising from this contract.  In case the SELLER does not fulfill its obligations, the BUYER may terminate this contract and return the product if the product has been delivered and request the return of the price paid on the condition of issuing a return invoice. In case of termination of the sale by the defect attributable to the SELLER, the product delivery and all kinds of expenses belong to SELLER.


13.1. PARTIES hereby irrevocably accepts, declares and undertakes that the commercial books, records and documents of the parties in any kind of controversy arising between or among the parties, and the computer, fax records, microfilms and e-mail correspondence shall be final proofs in accordance with Article 193 of the Code of Civil Procedure.


14.1. PARTIES agree that COURTS OF ANKARA AND EXECUTION OFFICES are authorized for disputes those may rise from this contract.

14.2. This contract has been arranged and approved electronically between the parties prior to payment by the BUYER.

14.3. SELLER is not responsible for price errors caused by software or system faults and SELLER has the right to cancel the order by giving e-mail to BUYER and to make refund to the BUYER.


BUYER: { }

Date: { }