What is Domain name?

It is a system that reflects your business and your brand on the Internet. With the registration of your trademark, reservation and allocation of your domain names, and .com, which reflect your corporate identity and brand, are provided.

  • General domain names: .com, .net, .org, etc.
  • Domain names with country code extension:, .istanbul, .ist,, .eu, etc.

Advantages of domain name registration?

  • With the domain name allocation process, you are opened to the world on the internet.
  • Protect your business and brand against unregistered trademarks and counterfeits.
  • It eliminates risks to your competitors in your commercial life.
  • It increases the value of your brand and your enterprise’s competitiveness.
  • It creates the possibility of using corporate email.
  • It increases the promotion and advertising opportunities of your enterprise and your brand.
Search for domain name
The domain name search is the first and most important step of the domain name allocation process.

Initially search is to be made through previous records by your transmission of your brand which you have considered as domain name. This search will determine whether the domain name that is requested to be allocated has already been registered in the name of another person. With thanks to that, possible risks can be analyzed before the application phase and alternative solutions can be presented by plotting a road map.

If there is no negativity in the search, the application is made by applying and the name of the domain name is provided on your behalf for 1-10 years. If a trademark application is required for the domain name, a trademark application should be made primarily.

  • Trademark registration should be required for domain name registration.
  • .com domain names are not subject to the trademark registration requirement and principle of giving to first applicant is applied.

Please contact us for other domain names.

Legal actions can be taken at WIPO or courts for domain names that you think are legitimate.

Registered domain names are renewed for periods of 1-10 years depending on the system and preference. Domain names that are not renewed within the time limit shall become invalid and let to be used by others.